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The Holistic Approach To ADD Management

Many ADD individuals suffer with anxiety and depression. Hypnosis helps ADD individuals reduce stress and anxiety. The program helps build confidence and self-esteem. We use Performance cues to improve focus and structure. The cues over time help adjust brainwave frequencies we call this Mental Manipulation. The program helps develop and nurture the creative potential of ADD individuals. People with ADD have many of the same characteristics as right brain creative people. Our planet will need more creative innovative people in order for us to survive and flourish in the future. In Daniel Pink’s book,
A Whole New Mind,” he claims right brain people will rule the future.  

The Holistic Approach To Divorce

Divorce is a stressful and draining experience. The ability to maintain composure during and after a divorce is critical. The Divorce Recovery Program uses hypnosis to reduces stress and strengthen coping skills. The key element is enternalizing the “letting go” process, we can not move forward until we let go of the past.  

The Holistic Approach To Business

To survive and compete in a changing global economy companies and individuals must embrace change not fear it. Creativity and innovation are mandatory, hypnosis unlocks creativity and innovation. To Gain the competitive edge new attitudes and belief systems must be developed. To compete in a global economy companies and individuals need to periodically reinvent themselves to stay competitive. Everyone needs to maintain open flexible minds to anticipate and embrace the future.

The Holistic Approach To Creativity

Creativity is our innate capacity for growth, it is the energy that allows us to think a different thought and express ourselves in a novel way. Hypnosis   accesses the creative part of our brain. In this state new ideas, connections and pathways are explored. The creative process  enables us to view life as an opportunity for exploration, discovery and an expanding sense of self. It empowers and enriches, the person and the company, to do more, be more, and have more. It increases pride self-satisfaction and overall effectiveness.

The Holistic Approach To Sports

In 2004 ESPN Magazine featured a story about Peak Performance the article talked about  athletes ahead of their time using hypnosis to improve performance. Hypnosis reduces stress which allows athletes to perform more effectively. Hypnosis creates a deeply relaxed state in this state athletes visualize themselves performing perfectly the process deepens concentration and internally increases confidence, belief, and self-esteem. The program’s ultimate goal is to use sport psychology to teach life skills.